Al Tabakh Al Saeed professional liquid creamy shortening 17 liters – 1 gallon


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Al Tabakh Al Saeed professional liquid creamy shortening 17 liters – 1 gallon

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A perfect blend of soyabean oil and palm oil that contributes to a high-performance frying solution.

Number of Pieces in the Box:

1 gallon

Piece Weight:

17 liters

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  • Unlike traditional frying oils, this liquid shortening is specially formulated to prevent foaming and offers a high smoke point, resulting in a longer frying life, less waste, and thus, cost savings!
  • This reduces the time spent on replacing the oil and cleaning out your equipment, allowing you to spend more time on other important kitchen tasks while increasing your operation’s efficacy operation’s efficacy.
  • This soybean-based liquid shortening ensures that your fries, stir fries, and other customer favorites are fried to a perfect golden brown.
  • It also has zero trans fats per serving, making it an excellent choice for health-conscious customers.
  • This shortening’s convenient liquid consistency enables easy pouring right from the container!
  • Excellent for pan-frying, deep frying, and a variety of other cooking applications
  • This liquid shortening is sure to be a staple in your commercial kitchen.
  • Smoke points 175-185 degrees Celsius.
  • Flash point 180 – 190 degrees Celsius.

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