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The year 2003 was the beginning of our inspiring story of creating products that suit and meet the needs of baking. Since our launch, we have set in mind a great goal, which is to motivate bakers and chefs throughout the Kingdom to become professionals in baking and spreaders of happiness within the family and society, based on values ​​based on trust, family and innovation.

We worked hard and diligently to provide innovative solutions to produce high-quality products that satisfy the taste of the bakers and chefs community, and help them prepare baked goods prepared with love to draw happiness in the faces of their loved ones. Therefore, we at Baker’s Choice strive to be the first choice for every passionate baker to support and empower them with innovative, quality products that meet their baking needs.

At Baker’s Choice, we are proud to offer a group of high-quality non-hydrogenated products with a Saudi brand, characterized by being free of trans fats and low in saturated fats, rich in vitamins A, E, D, and Omega 3. It gives baked goods a rich taste and flavor in addition to a delicious aroma, so Baker’s Choice fat mixture is ideal for preparing baked goods.

Our message

To be the first partner for every chef and baker who is passionate about his work, to support and help him achieve his ambition and bring his hobby to professionalism and success.

Our vision

Building a distinguished community of distinguished chefs and bakers, walking with them on their journey from hobby to professionalism, sharing their journey of passion, and helping them overcome difficulties with love and faith.
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