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Different uses of butter in the kitchen

Use with a knife to cut without food sticking

  • The next time you’re cutting a thick chocolate cake, coat the knife completely with butter before you begin. You will avoid sticking the cake to the knife, and you will get nice and elegant cuts.

Preserve the used onions

  • If you store a portion of the onions for later use, rub a little butter on the wet surface and cover with aluminum foil, this will preserve the quality of the onions for longer.

Prevent the water from boiling over the stove

  • To avoid boiling water on the stove (for example, after removing the pasta after cooking it), add half a tablespoon of butter to the water or grease the top of the stove with butter.

get rid of fish smell

  • Rub your hands with a piece of butter after handling seafood, then wash with warm water and soap to get rid of the smell.