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Start your small business and bake your profits

The economy of countries recently depends largely on small projects and the ideas of entrepreneurs and innovators with creative and innovative ideas.It has been found according to many research studies that focus on knowing the types of projects most popular in societies that trade in the field of cooking, restaurants and food is the most […]

Share your wife cooking a romantic meal

The spouses reach a stage of intellectual compatibility and intimate harmony, when they are keen to share ideas, opinions and tendencies together. This does not mean that one of the parties cancels his personality, but rather that they reach a common area in the middle where they can find peace and comfort in the relationship […]

Cook your food at home and enjoy your health

Many people fall into the trap of unhealthy eating habits due to the fast pace of life and the abundance of concerns.Unfortunately, this is clearly reflected in the general health and mood, and thus reduces even the person’s practical production rate.On the other hand, we find people who are keen to cook their own food […]

Butter and beauty

for women. One of the most important things that a woman seeks to maintain a healthy and elegant appearance is her hair Hair is exposed to many factors that lead to dryness, split ends, and difficulty in combing it due to the rough texture of its texture. Another type of natural material that helps in […]

How to make butter

1) The old method, which is a traditional method that relies on placing yoghurt or cream in wooden, plastic, or stainless steel containers, or in bags made of animal skin. After placing the milk in the containers, the milk is shaken. Milk vigorously until the fat granules are separated from the remaining milk, which is […]